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Apostille. Legalization

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

  • (Русский) Услуги репетитора

    (Русский) Услуги репетитора

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian....


  • Lavra


    Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is the place where you can spend all day after which you will ant to come here over...


  • Vasilkov, the city of unusual people

    Vasilkov, the city of unusual people

    I think that everyone who at least one was at Lavra heard about one of its founders – Saint Feodosiy...


  • Jewish Kiev

    Jewish Kiev

    Kiev is the city whose history was influenced by many nations. Jewish influence is hard to overestimate. We want to...


  • Night Kiev

    Night Kiev

    Night has its special charm. I think you’ll agree with me that any city in the night looks more mysterious...


  • Translation of technical documents

    Translation of technical documents

    Technical translation is translation of support information, technical documents, manuals, specifications, guides, scientific articles, thesis and other special texts. Technical...


  • Translation of commercial documentation

    Translation of commercial documentation

    Taking into consideration entering of Ukrainian companies into foreign market the necessity of commercial documentation increase. This kind of translation...


  • Translation of legal documents

    Translation of legal documents

    In the time of rapidly developing international relations, translation of legal, court and other business documents becomes the most requested...


  • Consecutive interpretation

    Consecutive interpretation

    Here is the big day of important negotiations. You prepared a good speech, dressed the best suite and you are...


  • Proofreading by a native speaker

    Proofreading by a native speaker

    Proofreading is a special type of translation checking by a native speaker, corrector and editor that gives in a result...


  • Literary translation

    Literary translation

    Literary translation this is rather art than a type o translation. The task of a translator is not only convey...


  • Перевод текстов носителем языка

    Перевод текстов носителем языка

    Перевод текста выполняемый носителем языка – это квалифицированный перевод, который выполняет профессионал, для которого язык на который переводится текст, родной....


  • Translation of websites

    Translation of websites

    Internet plays an important role in life of a modern person. This is easy, available and widely used source of...


  • Translation of medical documents

    Translation of medical documents

    Medical translation implies translation in the area of medicine, veterinary, biology, pharmaceutics, ecology, biochemistry and other related areas. Upon that...


  • Translation of personal documents

    Translation of personal documents

    Under conditions of Ukraine’s expansion of business, tourist and economic links the need for personal documents’ translation is constantly growing....


  • Notary certification of translated documents

    Notary certification of translated docum

    Translation agency “Lingvic” provides notary certification of translated documents (signature of translator) There are two ways to certify a translated...


  • Legalization and Apostile

    Legalization and Apostile

    Legalization of documents is an official certification of their authenticity. Due to this procedure official documents issued in one country...


  • Истребования документов

    Истребования документов

    Что такое «истребование документов»? Предположим, Вы находитесь за границей и по какой-то причине в определенной инстанции от Вас требуют дубликат...


  • Simultaneous translation

    Simultaneous translation

    When the text is well prepared and the speech is smooth with appropriate accents is easy to impress an audience....


  • Certification by the seal of the translation agency

    Certification by the seal of the transla

    When you need certification by the seal of the translation agency? When you need to certify that the document is...


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