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When you hear the word “interpretation” you can suppose that this is something different from “word to word” translation. This word implies certain freedom. But is this really so? Are there any limits for this freedom? How the freedom of interpretation could be limited?

The basic mission of any translator and interpreter is to help people to find a “common language”. This the question both of linguistic and human communication. In contrast to translator an interpreter has not much time for searching of a correct word in the dictionary. Sometimes he/she needs to catch the correct meaning on the level of intuition and to interpret it in a way understandable for an audience.

In order to do a professional interpretation an interpreter besides good command in certain language needs an ability to feel a speaker in order to understand the target of a speech. This is very complicated task requiring skills both of linguist and psychologist. That is why interpretation should be entrusted only to professionals.

Simultaneous and Consecutive interpretation

Simultaneous translation. This type of interpretation requires simultaneous speaking of an interpreter and a speaker using special equipment. Interpreter hears a speech in headphones and reproduces it via microphone. This is complicated work requiring special skills. That is why in order to be able to do simultaneous interpretation even professional interpreters should pass a special training.

Consecutive interpretation. In contrast to simultaneous interpretation here an interpreter speaks after a speaker’s short break. This type of interpretation is used during negotiations, presentations, seminars.

Interpreter. To be or not to be?

Nowadays more and more Ukrainians learn at least English as a foreign language. However for signing a contract or making of a presentation such things as accuracy and “smoothness” of translation are important. In such a case the help of professional interpreters could be needed.

Besides the cases above you may need an interpreter for interpretation of phone or skype calls.  During interpretation a professional interpreter should become a member of team with a Customer. Good interpreter always feels the result the Client want to obtain and to all the best for a Client. Success or fail of a negotiation or presentation to a great degree depends on professionalism of an interpreter.

COst of interpretation

Basic factors determining cost of an interpretation are: type of interpretation (simultaneous or consecutive), language of interpretation and time of interpretation.

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